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TIMOTHY "Sean" Sutherland

for House District 13

I'm Sean Sutherland, your Republican nominee for House DIstrict 13. After a career spent helping seniors better access their Medicare services, I'm excited to take my passion for serving the community to Salem. The people's house has enough politicians. We need smart business leaders who understand the issues of real people with jobs and seniors on a fixed income. I will go to the Capitol with the energy and passion needed to tackle Oregon's challenges on day one.

EDUCATION: Oregon is ranked 42nd in Education! We underfund our children while pushing racial and gender agendas. My number one focus will be to overhaul our education system.

ECONOMY: No more bending to the "green agenda" that puts people out of work and makes goods more expensive. I oppose IP3. No more Medicaid to non-citizens while our seniors lose benefits and get crushed by inflation.

PUBLIC SAFETY: I will support our police with resources they need including restoring their ability to use tear gas and stopping unsafe motor vehicles.

ABORTION: I will support the removal of draconian "reproductive rights" rushed into our Constitution. Oregonians are overwhelmingly opposed to late term abortions and deserve a chance to be heard by ballot.

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